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Sustainable Supply has a great selection of Arc Flash protection products that will help keep you safe while on the job. We carry clothing, clothing accessories, dielectric footwear, electrical protection equipment, shock protection blankets and more. Protective clothing kits include a jacket made of Indura Ultra Soft® FR material, a hard hat with an arc protective shield, Faceshield Canvas Storage Bag and Balaclava and Safety Eyewear. The Condor Faceshield storage bag is used with the Arc Flash Faceshield and includes drawstring closure. Looking for a safe overshoe? Our dielectric overshoe is 100% waterproof and made with material ozone resistant rubber and has nylon lining for easy on/off. Sustainable Supply even carries rescue hooks. Our hooks are 6 feet, insulated, foam filled and fiberglass reinforced. Sustainable Supply carries over 50,000 safety products that include protection for your face, ears and eyes.