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Bradley Washfountains are a green hand washing solution that has been around much longer than the Sustainability movement. Wash Fountains maximize the number of hand washers that can be accommodated in a given space. Wash fountains also require only one water intake and disposal pathway each; when compared to the labor and materials needed to install sinks to service the same number of people, wash fountains can provide large savings. Bradley Washfountains also use considerably less water than traditional faucets, making them a more sustainable plumbing fixture solution.

Choose our quick ship washfountains, configured with the most common options available, or call Sustainable Supply for advanced product options like TerreonRE recycled material, or sectional controls on deep bowl wash fountains. Bradley Wash Fountains are available in Stainless Steel, Terreon solid surface, and Bradstone thermoset polyester. Wash fountains are great for schools, manufacturing plants, food processing plants, public restrooms, airports, and more. If you are unsure about which Bradley Washfountain is right for you, be sure to check out our blog entry on choosing the right wash fountain. Save BIG with Sustainable Supply! Our wholesale vendor relationships ship products directly to you from the manufacturer; saving you costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Why Choose Bradley Washfountains?

Wash Fountains Cost Less Than Individual Sinks

Lower Installation Costs:

• One water intake pathway.

• One water disposal pathway - save big money on materials AND labor (close to $10,000 for an 8 person wash fountain!)

Lower Operating Costs:

• Washfountains use less water and less energy (required to heat water) than traditional sinks.

• Washfountains can service more users in a given space.

• On the foot control air valve and infrared activated models, the wash fountain will shut off automatically when user leaves.

Easier Maintenance

Easy Cleaning and Lower Maintenance Costs:

• Continuous bowl surface reduces cleaning time

• Heavy-duty materials and design makes Bradley Washfountains extremely durable.

• Single water intake and outtake connections.

Vandal-Resistance Features

• Heavy duty wash fountain materials (stainless steel, Terreon, Bradston) are vandal resistant.

• Most Bradley wash fountains house soap, waste valves, supplies, etc., concealed inside the pedestal.


Bradley wash fountains accommodate more hand-washers per square foot than conventional sinks: perfect for schools, theaters, manufacturing facilities, stadiums etc.

ADA Compliant Washfountains

ADA compliant wash fountains are available in Terreon, Terreon deep bowl, and Sentry washfountain lines.

Washfountains for Many Applications

Multiple options to meet your specific needs:

• Stainless steel, Bradstone, and Terreon units

• Deep bowl and shallow bowl units

• Circular, semi-circular, and corner configurations

• Terreon and Bradstone wash fountains available in various colors

• Hand, foot, and infrared wash fountain controls

• Air metering valves, mechanical metering valves, hold-open foot valves, and infrared-actuated solenoid valves

• Many barrier-free, ADA compliant wash fountains to choose from

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