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Sustainable Supply is your source for high quality electrical cables, wires, and electrical cords. Find electrical wiring and cording for your electrical installation endeavors in all environments. These cables & wires are durable, and follow ETL standards for performance you can trust. Choose from general purpose power supply cords ranging from 4 ft. to 16 ft., and coiled power cords that can reach up to 20 ft.! Many power cords, such as the power supply/output signal cordset, meet NFPA and JIC standards. Find the electrical wire to suit your needs, and choose from an assortment of building wire, high temperature lead wire, thermocouple wire, and metal electrical wire. With UL and CSA standards, these electrical products are supplies you can trust. We also feature strong and durable electric cables including welding cables and thermostat cables in varieties of colors. Power anything from computers to large machinery with these power cords and cables. Sustainable Supply offers a vast selection of electrical supplies including wire connectors, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), safety switches, and more.