Commercial Bathroom Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispensers Categories

Bobrick stainless steel paper towel dispensers are heavy-duty, and designed to dispense a wide variety of towels including paper towel rolls, C-Fold, and Multi-Fold Towels. For a high traffic restroom, Bobrick B-2860 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Roll Towel Dispenser is designed for large paper towel roll dispensing. For a touchless bathroom, Bobrick B-72974 Plastic, Automatic Universal Roll Paper Towel Dispenser features automatic dispensing. Bradley electronic sensor roll towel dispenser features a heavy gauge stainless steel cabinet with exposed surfaces in a satin finish- perfect for a high touchless restroom. Find great deals on these and many other public paper towel dispensers for your restroom and commercial building needs!

For highly efficient public restrooms, find a huge selection of recessed paper towel dispensers, and semi-recessed Bradley towel and waste units. These recycled stainless steel bathroom accessories are ideal for all of your sustainable building needs. Find all the commercial bathroom materials you need, including certified green 100% recycled multi-fold paper towel, soap dispensers, and more. Browse Sustainable Supply for more great deals on green building products including wash fountains, toilet partitions, and other green building products

Options to Consider:

Every commercial restroom is unique – consider of few options for paper towel dispensing in terms of the size and type of commercial bathroom you maintain:

C-Fold or Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

One of the biggest advantages of a c-fold or multifold paper towel dispenser is that they work well in nearly any type of commercial restroom. In addition, these high quality towel dispensers are easy to mount securely on various types of walls. Durable and attractive, c-fold or multifold paper towel dispensers are a great way to offer paper towels in commercial bathroom facilities big or small. For easy maintenance and often sleek simple designs, choose from a wide variety of c-fold or multifold towel dispensers.

• Works well in nearly any type of commercial restroom

• Easy to mount securely on various types of walls

• Easy maintenance

Automatic Paper Towel Dispensing

Automatic sensor operated paper towel dispensers are by far one of the best options in terms of paper towel dispensing. Often times running on battery power, automatic towel dispensers provide the perfect amount of roll towels to the user. This not only saves money from overuse and wasted towels, but in addition it gives the user a clean touch-free experience for hand drying. In addition, durable automatic hand towel dispensing systems often feature adjustable sheet length and time delay to assure the perfect amount of paper towel is distributed.

• Provide the perfect amount of roll towels to the user

• Saves money from overuse and wasted towels

• Clean touch-free experience for hand drying

Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Similar to automatic paper towel dispensers, touchless paper towel dispensers feature a touch-free dispensing method. However, unlike automatic paper towel dispensers, these high quality paper towel dispensers do not require any type of power from batteries or electricity – one pull of the towel simply provides the user with a certain established length of paper towel to dry their hands. Designed to help save money be reducing the amount of wasted paper products in your washroom, a touch free paper towel dispenser is a perfect option for nearly any sized commercial restroom.

• Touch-free dispensing method

• No need for power from batteries or electricity

• Reduce the amount of wasted paper products

Centerpull Towel Dispensers

The main advantage of a center-pull dispenser is that they fit nearly anywhere. Centerpull paper towel dispensers are a perfect option for one-at-a-time hygienic dispensing. In addition, these unique hand towel dispensers help minimize waste and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination through single sheet dispensing through a wide variety and range of centerpull-designed towels.

• Fits nearly anywhere

• One-at-a-time hygienic dispensing

• Reduce the amount of wasted paper products