Repair Parts

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When it comes to plumbing repairs, Sustainable Supply has all the plumbing repair tools you need, including toilet repair kits, flushometer repair tools, and more. Get great deals on replacement parts for aerator repair, toilet repair, vacuum breaker repair, and more. For use with regal flush valves, shop for vacuum breaker assembly products like the Sloan toilet handle repair kit, Sloan vacuum breaker kit, and other Sloan replacement parts. Broken toilets are no match for the Sloan flushometer rebuilding kit- all you do is match your model number and flush rate where necessary. Shop for other plumbing replacement parts like o-rings, screens, valve repair kits, and more. Shop our selection of green replacement parts like the Sloan drop-in kits, antimicrobial handles, and other eco-friendly plumbing repair parts. These items have been designated as an environmentally preferable product (EPP) because of one or more environmentally preferable attributes. Select Sustainable Supply when shopping for efficient plumbing repair parts and more. Also find great selections of restroom hardware, urinals, hoses, and more!