Public Bathroom Toilet Paper Dispensers & Toilet Tissue Holders

Toilet Tissue Dispensers Categories

Find a huge variety of commercial toilet paper dispensers from the industry’s leading manufacturers at Sustainable Supply. We understand that every restroom varies in how it is uniquely operated and maintained and that is why we provide the largest selection of high quality bathroom tissue dispensers from Bradley, Bobrick, ASI and Palmer Fixture. Choose from various types of operation including: jumbo roll toilet tissue dispensers, multi-roll toilet tissue dispensers, dual toilet tissue dispensers, and all in one combination seat-cover dispensers, sanitary napkin and toilet tissue dispensers. Regardless of what type of operation you’re running, Sustainable Supply has the best products and expertise to help make purchasing toilet tissue dispensers easy.

Commercial toilet paper dispenser options

Depending on the size and type of your commercial restroom you maintain there are a few toilet tissue dispenser options to consider:

Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser:

Choose a jumbo roll toilet paper dispenser for commercial restrooms that have large amounts of traffic. In addition, holding a large amount of toilet tissue also makes jumbo roll dispensers a great option for commercial bathrooms that have a limited maintenance schedule. Typically, the more toilet paper a dispenser can hold the less it needs to be refilled and serviced. Jumbo roll toilet paper dispensers work well in various types of restroom settings.

• Ideal for Restrooms with large amounts of traffic

• Limited maintenance schedule

Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser:

The multi-roll toilet paper holder works well with nearly any sized commercial bathroom. By providing two rolls of toilet paper, multi-roll toilet tissue dispensers are a great option for commercial washrooms big or small. With another roll of toilet tissue always ready to go, the multi-roll toilet tissue holder provides a sense of relief to restroom users knowing a second roll of toilet tissue is there if the first one runs out.

• Great for any sized commercial bathroom

• Holds two rolls of toilet paper

Dual Toilet Tissue Dispenser:

For an easy and affordable option in terms of commercial toilet paper dispensing consider a dual toilet tissue dispenser. Perfect for nearly any restroom, the dual toilet paper dispenser is similar to the classic version of a standard single toilet paper dispenser but offers the ability to dispense two rolls instead of one. For a simple way to dispense toilet tissue in your commercial restroom, choose a low maintenance dual toilet tissue dispenser.

• Easy and affordable option

• Dispense two rolls instead of one

Seat-Cover Dispenser, Sanitary Napkin and Toilet Tissue Dispenser:

Take care of all your restroom dispensing needs with an all in one seat-cover, sanitary napkin and toilet tissue dispenser. Ideal for larger commercial restrooms, this type of dispenser allows you to fully stock your bathroom stalls with the necessary paper supplies in a single unit. In addition to being an all in one seat-cover dispenser, sanitary napkin dispenser and toilet tissue dispenser, these maximum convenience units are easy to maintain and give your restroom a high-end feel for the user.