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World Dryer is a leading manufacturer of electric commercial hand dryers. For over 60 years, World Dryer has offered a complete line of hand dryers capable of meeting the needs of any restroom type. By integrating leading technology, functionality, and attractive design, World Dryer consistently produces innovative, state-of-the-art hand dryers that reduce operating costs while delivering an effective drying experience.

Hand dryers by World Dryer offer an array of environmental, financial, and sanitary benefits. Using hand dryers in your facility will play a crucial role in reducing the waste stream. For instance, a single school employing the use of 15 hand dryers can expect to save over eight trees worth of paper towels in one school year. In addition, facilities using hand dryers experience significant savings in operational costs. Eliminating the recurring costs associated with paper towel purchasing is considerable, but facilities also save on the maintenance time required for restocking a dispenser, more frequent changing of waste receptacles, and the cleaning of a paper towel dispenser. Automatic hand dryers are also touch-free, a feature preferred by the majority of restroom users, reducing additional exposure to sickness-causing germs.

Popular lines of World Dryer hand dryers include:

SMARTdri Series - High-speed dryers that are World Dryer’s most energy efficient and durable. Air flow, sound quality, and heating options can all be customized to fit any application.

• 10 second drying time

• Automatic operation

• Uses 40% less energy than competing models

• Utilizes SteriTouch antimicrobial technology

SLIMdri Series - Energy efficient, surface-mounted and ADA compliant hand dryers. These units feature a low-profile design with heating control and flexible cover options.

• Surface-mounted and ADA compliant

• Ultra compact and contemporary design

• Up to 40% faster dry time than competing models

• Utilizes SteriTouch antimicrobial technology

Airforce Series - Environmentally friendly ambient temperature hand dryers. These units are lightweight and feature a modern, sleek design.

• 12 second drying time

• Automatic operation

• Quiet operation for sound sensitive areas

• Utilizes SteriTouch antimicrobial technology

AirMax Series - Heavy duty hand dryers suitable for high traffic facilities needing vandal-resistant features.

• 15 second drying time

• 50% more efficient than standard dryers

• Durable and vandal-resistant

• Quiet operation for sound sensitive areas

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