Sustainable Supply is a top provider of the most trusted products needed in commercial restrooms. Time to choose a paper towel dispenser? Sustainable Supply offers a wide variety of dispensers from all the leading manufacturers of restroom products. If you’re looking for a dispenser that can support your company’s sustainability goals, check out the 100% recycled paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and more. Browse the rest of Sustainable Supply for more great deals on green building products including wash fountains, toilet partitions, toilet paper dispensers, flush valves, cleaning supplies, tools, and more.

So what’s the case for choosing a paper towel dispenser in a commercial application, and can such a dispenser work in a green restroom?

Perhaps the number one reason for choosing a paper towel hand drying system is hygiene. According to a study published by the Mayo Clinic, the evidence suggests that paper towels are the most effective drying method for the removal of bacteria. It is for that reason that paper towels are recommended for use in hospitals and clinics.Beyond hygiene, paper towels remain very versatile. Perhaps it’s spaghetti sauce from a lunch, or spilled water at your desk, paper towels are used for more than just hand drying. They are an all-purpose, team-player.

The paper towel dispensers themselves are available in numerous styles. An excellent resource for the variety within this product category is located above, using Sustainable Supply’s convenient navigation options. Generally, the two most popular types of dispensers are:

Top-selling products from Bradley or Bobrick can dispense C-Fold, Multifold, and Singlefold towels from a stainless steel dispenser. Stainless steel paper towel dispensers from these manufacturers average a 60% recycled content rating, which can certainly assist any project seeking to create a green restroom environment. And if you’re worried about these dispensers allowing a stack of towels to be released when the user only wanted one, the TowelMate from Bobrick will work with all major manufacturers’ products to reduce overall paper towel waste by 20-40% and complies with the US EPA Reduce & Reuse Resource Conservation Initiative.

• Works well in nearly any type of commercial restroom
• Easy to mount securely on various types of walls
• Easy maintenance

Automatic paper towel dispensers can further the cause of good hygiene by doing what the name suggests: automatically dispensing towels, eliminating contact with the dispenser itself. Many models allow the owner to determine the number of towels to be dispensed, which can assist with waste reduction efforts. Models that are Made in the USA designated have not created the transportation emissions associated with products that are produced internationally.

• Provide the perfect amount of roll towels to the user
• Saves money from overuse and wasted towels
• Clean touch-free experience for hand drying

The towels that you choose to use in your dispenser are another important consideration. The green restroom can take advantage of paper towel options that include a 100% recycled product which exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer wastepaper, is processed chlorine-free, additive-free, and toxin-free. If your project is pursuing LEED certification for existing buildings, the purchase of this product could help in your pursuit of the purchasing credit for Materials and Resources that requires 60% of ongoing consumables meet sustainability criteria.

Other paper towel options exist that have less recycled content, a whiter color, embossed, etc. -- enough options to satisfy all buyers. As an ongoing consumable, it is a good idea to put this product on your auto-reorder so there is no lapse in supply.