Sustainable Supply is your source for a huge selection of Bradley and Bobrick bathroom vending machines. Some of our Bobrick stainless steel surface-mounted bathroom disposals feature doors with tumbler locks, a self-closing panel that covers disposal opening and a removable and a leak-proof, plastic receptacle. We also carry durable ABS plastic dispensers with finger-tip handles on the lids for easy access. Sustainable Supply even has a Bobrick seat cover dispenser that has 1000 toilet seat covers and four rolls of toilet paper. It is also has theft-resistant spindles and the door is secured with full-length stainless steel hinge, and tumbler lock.

Equip your commercial restroom with the highest quality sanitary napkin dispensers and sanitary napkin disposal receptacles from Sustainable Supply. Choose from a large selection of the industry’s leading manufacturers of commercial feminine napkin dispensers and sanitary tampon receptacles including: Bradley, Bobrick and ASI. Sustainable Supply makes it is easy to find the right type of sanitary napkin receptacles and sanitary napkin disposal receptacles with a huge variety of products featuring various types of operation and style. We understand that all commercial restrooms are unique and operate differently – this is why we strive to provide the biggest selection of high quality tampon dispensers and feminine napkin receptacles including: surface-mounted sanitary napkin disposal, surface mounted sanitary napkin/tampon venders, recessed public bathroom vending machines, and semi-recessed sanitary napkin vending. Regardless of what type of operation you’re running, Sustainable Supply has the best products and expertise to help make purchasing public restroom vending and feminine disposal receptacles easy and affordable.

There are many different options to consider in terms of choosing the right sanitary napkin dispenser or sanitary napkin disposal receptacle for your restroom. Consider two of the most popular options to ensure that your commercial restroom is well suited for users:

Most popular sanitary napkin disposal option:
The Bradley BX-Napkin Disposal, 4721-15 stainless steel receptacle is an attractive way to limit the mess within toilet stalls and helps to protect plumbing from clogs associated with feminine products being flushed instead of thrown away. This high quality durable sanitary napkin disposal unit servers two toilet compartments and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of waste. Easy to maintain and service, the Bradley BX-Napkin Disposal is a great option for commercial restrooms.

Most popular sanitary napkin/tampon vendor option: 
The Bradley BX-Napkin/Tampon Vendor, 401-45 is a great option for offering feminine products in commercial restrooms. This durable unit has two separate slots for dispensing – one slot holds sanitary napkins and the other slot holds tampons. This high quality feminine dispenser is designed for fully recessed mounting and is outfitted with an 18-gauge stainless steel door and 22-gauge stainless steel cabinet. The Bradley BX-Napkin/Tampon Vendor is perfect choice for commercial feminine dispensing.