Jafline Hd Supply Line Fire Hose, Double Jacket, MNH x FNH, Rocker, 50 ft Hose Length - G52H3HDR50N

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These double-jacket attack line fire hoses are made from polyester and have a polyurethane, EPDM, or NBR lining. The hoses are lightweight, which minimizes the effort required to carry and move them. They remain flexible in cold temperatures and have a high burst rating. The hoses provide very low friction loss, which helps ensure they consistently deliver water at the appropriate flow rate and pressure. The hoses are immune to mildew and rot, and colored versions of the hose are impregnated with a polymer coating that improves their abrasion resistance. These double-jacket attack line fire hoses are used in municipal fire departments, industrial fire brigades, attack and supply lines, and high-rise packs.,Attack fire hoses (also known as action fire hoses) convey a stream of water from a fire pump to a fire to stop the fire from spreading and douse the flames. These fireproof hoses are flexible and lightweight so that firefighters can carry them to where they're needed. The hoses lay flat when not in use. They have fittings on both ends for connecting to equipment and nozzles.