Cleveland Square End Mill, Straight, Carbide, TiAlN - C81828

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MPN : C81828
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These end mills come in standard sizes expressed in fractional inches. Four-flute end mills clear chips more quickly than end mills with more flutes and allow for higher feed rates than end mills with fewer flutes. They also typically have larger cores and are less prone to breaking than end mills with fewer flutes. The TiAlN coating on these end mills withstands high temperatures and protects them from wear. It allows the end mills to be used at faster speeds than end mills with a bright finish, and it resists cracks and oxidation better than TiN or TiCN coatings.,General purpose carbide square end mills are intended for milling a wide variety of common materials but are not suitable for milling hard materials like titanium or gummy materials like aluminum. Finishing end mills create a finer finish on the workpiece than roughing and roughing/finishing end mills. Carbide end mills provide excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, and they are harder than high-speed steel, cobalt, or powdered-metal end mills. These end mills have a coating that protects them from wear. Also called square-nose end mills, square end mills have a square nose and are rotated against a piece of stock to create a flat-bottomed groove with 90 inside corners in milling tasks. They are used for counterboring, side and face milling, and milling square shoulders.