3M DBI-Sala Positioning Lanyard - 1234070

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MPN : 1234070
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Positioning lanyards are used in pole-strap climbing systems to help keep workers securely positioned as they climb up, down, and around a utility pole and work on the pole. The lanyards attach to a worker's lineman belt and cinch together with the worker's pole-climbing strap to prevent the worker from sliding down the pole if he or she falls. These lanyards can be used to replace worn or damaged lanyards in a pole-strap climbing system or to change out the current lanyard in a system for a lanyard with a different length or material to suit a particular application.,Pole-climbing straps are wrapped around a utility pole to help prevent workers from falling while climbing and working on utility poles. If a worker starts to fall, the pole-climbing strap cinches against the pole to prevent the worker from sliding down the pole. Pole-climbing straps allow workers to move up, down, and around the pole as they work and are used with lineman belts, positioning lanyards, and other equipment as part of a pole-climbing strap system. They are commonly used by linemen and utility maintenance crews.

ItemPositioning Lanyard
Brand and Series3M(TM) DBI-SALA(R)
Hardware MaterialSteel
Lanyard Length8 ft
Lanyard MaterialKernmantle/Nylon
RFID EquippedYes
StandardsOSHA 1910.268(g), OSHA 1926.502, OSHA 1926.959
Weight Capacity310 lb