3M DBI-Sala Suspension Trauma Relief Strap - 9501403

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MPN : 9501403
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Suspension trauma relief straps are used to relieve pressure and improve circulation in the legs and hips of a worker who is suspended in a safety harness while he or she awaits rescue after a fall. The straps attach to the safety harness so that they make a loop beneath the worker's feet that the worker can stand on. The worker can bend their knees and use their muscles to balance on the strap, which helps prevent serious suspension trauma injuries.,Safety harness accessories attach to or are used with safety harnesses to modify the functions or intended applications of the harness, to add extra safety features to the harness, or to provide comfort or convenience to people wearing the harness. These safety harness accessories include suspension trauma relief straps that relieve pressure on a worker's legs after a fall. They also include holders that keep necessary tools and equipment close at hand for workers wearing a harness as well as chairs, seat slings, and replacement padding that can increase the wearer's comfort while working in a harness.

ItemSuspension Trauma Relief Strap
For Use WithMost General Purpose Harnesses
Hardware MaterialSteel
Webbing MaterialNylon
Includes PaddingNo
Weight Capacity310 lb
RFID EquippedNo
Fall Protection SubheadGeneral Purpose
Webbing CoatingUncoated
Webbing MaterialsNylon
Fall Protection Accessory TypeSuspension Trauma Relief Strap