Tanis Strip Brush Holder, Clip Style, 5/16 in Backing Height, 7/16 in Backing Width, PK 10 - FPH250084

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These flexible holders allow compatible strip brushes with flexible backing to be mounted to irregularly shaped surfaces in a conveying system. The brush's flexible backing slides into the channel in the holder, and the holder is then mounted to a surface using clips or profile-style mounts.,Strip brushes are mounted along conveyors to direct and separate items on the conveyor and clean debris from conveyed items and conveyor belts and parts. They are available with rigid metal or flexible plastic backings and can be installed in compatible brush holders for mounting. When the brush is worn, a new brush can be installed in the holder. Brushes with shorter bristle filaments are stiffer, making them suitable for more aggressive applications such as deburring and heavy cleaning. Brushes with longer bristles are more flexible and are a good choice for gentler applications like positioning light objects or dusting. These products are commonly used on conveying systems in warehouses, package handling areas, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. They can also be used for non-conveyor applications such as a creating a barrier at the bottom of a door to keep out air, dust, or debris.