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Columbia Toilet Partitions

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Columbia Partitions, a division of Partition Systems Incorporated of South Carolina (PSiSC) has been an industry-leading manufacturer of phenolic and PolyLife (HDPE) toilet partitions since 1981, recently adding stainless steel to its lineup of quality partitions. 

Columbia Partitions’ original bathroom divider materials, phenolic and PolyLife, provide a variety of options including colors, mounting options, recycled content and more. PolyLife partitions systems are made from high density polyethylene which offers incredible durability in the restroom. HDPE bathroom stalls offer low maintenance, vandal resistance, and the same color throughout the partition. PolyLife mounting options include overhead braced, floor to ceiling, and ceiling hung in order to accommodate a wide range of layouts. Phenolic toilet partitions are the industry standard for durability in the restroom, constructed of hard dense material achieved when heat and pressure are applied to layers of paper saturated with synthetic resin. Very dense and durable, Phenolic systems offer multiple color options, thicknesses, chemical and corrosion resistance, and more. Phenolic mounting options also include overhead braced, floor to ceiling, and ceiling hung.  

Columbia Partitions’ stainless steel systems are capable of adding an elegant appearance to any restroom design. With satin and diamond textured finishes to choose from, these type 304 stainless steel restroom stalls maintain a timeless look while offering easy cleaning, up to 75% recycled content, and are well suited in heavy traffic applications. For durability, the recommended mounting option for stainless steel partitions is the floor mounted overhead braced design. 

Columbia Partitions product materials at a glance: 

PolyLife Partitions (HDPE) 
• Highly durable 
• Same color throughout the material 
• Available in Class A or B fire rating 
• Non-absorbent, highly vandal resistant, low maintenance 
• 100% post-consumer content 
• 16 standard colors 
• 15 year warranty 

Phenolic Partitions 
• Highly durable 
• Vandal and wear resistant 
• Corrosion and chemical resistant 
• Available in Class A or B fire rating 
• Low moisture resistance and low maintenance 
• Available in multiple thicknesses 
• 25 year warranty 

Stainless Steel Partitions
• Doors, panels, pilasters, urinal, and entrance screens constructed of 22 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel 
• Low maintenance and highly vandal resistant 
• 60-75% stainless steel recycled content 
• 20% recycled content honeycomb core 
• Available with #4 satin finish or diamond pattern 

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