Gloves and Hand PPE

Workplace Safety is critical - get everything from fall protection to eyewash stations in one easy place.

Find a huge selection of safety gloves and other hand personal protective equipment (PPE) at SustainableSupply. We know safety, and we specialize in making it easy to find the PPE equipment needed at your facility. Hand safety is commonly misunderstood in the workplace, but consider the following:

• Hands and fingers are involved in approximately 25% of all workplace injuries.
• Of all hand injuries, 70% of workers were not utilizing hand protection equipment.
• 30% of all hand injuries involve damaged or improper gloves.

OSHA’s findings demonstrate the importance of having the right glove for the application and that those gloves are functioning properly. For those environments where safety gloves are part of day-to-day operations, Sustainable Supply offers a convenient Auto-Reorder program that ensures proper protection will be delivered before you find your facility to be non-compliant.

Here are Sustainable Supply’s gloves at a glance:

Antistatic Gloves
• Also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) gloves
• Polyurethane construction
• Available coated and uncoated
• Offers protection for sensitive electronic components

Arc Flash
• Protection from electrical arc flash in a variety of environments
• Applications include construction, automotive, assembly, steel mills, and TIG welding
• Available in flip-flop mittens or gloves and a range of materials

Canvas, Chore, and Jersey Gloves
• Soft and breathable materials
• Available with palm-coating for better grip in moist environments

Chemical Resistant Gloves
• Numerous options designed to address specific chemical applications
• Maintains finger dexterity and sensitivity

Clean Room and Lab Gloves
• Address the specific needs of low contamination environments
• Available from ISO Class 0 to ISO Class 6
• Disposable, powder-free options

Coated Gloves
• Available for fatigue, heat, and skin irritant reduction
• Various coatings for general maintenance, construction, and machinery work
• Increased gripping provides better dexterity for use with various hand tools
• Available in nitrile, knit, string knit, rubber, and more

Cold-Condition Gloves
• Available with thinsulate, heatrac, and hipora liners
• Neoprene, nylon, or fleece construction
• Keep hands dry and protected from the cold

Cryogenic Gloves
• Lightweight, breathable
• Protects from temps ranging from -260° to -300°F (cryogenic atmosphere)

Cut-Resistant Gloves

• Gloves and sleeves available
• Available with latex palms ideally suited for automotive, repair, oil refineries, and more
• Composite resin coatings ideal for construction, metal fabrication, and glass handling

Disposable Gloves

• Puncture, abrasion, and chemical-resistant models available
• Protects against irritants and contaminants
• Available in latex, nitrile, vinyl, rubber, and neoprene

Electrical Gloves

• Models available to protect against high/low voltage arc flash, and arc blast
• Class 0 - Class 3 gloves available

Extrication and Rescue Gloves

• Superior grip while providing protection
• Abrasion and puncture resistant
• Popular materials include kevlar, split leather, synthetic leather, and Armortex

Firefighter Gloves
• Gunn cut and double-thick provides natural feel
• Models available for proximity, structural, and wildlands applications
• Liner options include thermal modacrylic fleece, SEF thermal, Kevlar, crosstech, and coolpass

Glove Box Gloves

• Seamless dry box gloves and shoulder length available
• Available in Hypalon(R)/Neoprene, and Neoprene
• Resists a broad range of chemicals, including oils, greases, fuels, acetone, and more

Heat Resistant Gloves

• Available in aluminized carbon/kevlar(R), canvas burlap cotton, CharGuard™, and cotton
• Options offering resistance greater than 2000 Degrees F.
• Liner options include cotton, kevlar(R), nitrile with SteamGuard™, wool, and many more

Impact Resistant and Anti-Vibration Gloves
• Provide stability when using power tools and reduce hand/wrist fatigue
• Anti-vibration product types also address carpal tunnel and framer applications
• Various models include anti-bacteria treatment, chloroprene coating, gel palm liners, natural thumb design, and more

Inspection Gloves and Glove Liners
A variety of product types, colors, and weights are available
• Designs include half finger, hemmed, ambidextrous, reversible, and seamless knit nylon liners
• Products ideally suited for food processing, cold storage, commercial fishing, electronics, quality control, and more

Knit Gloves
• Available products offer abrasion resistance, ambidextrous design, heavy weight string material, or traditional knit
• Available in acrylic, cotton, cotton/polyester, nitrile/knit, and more
• Glove applications include assembly, parts handling, maintenance, fabrication, automotive, food processing, and more

Leather Palm Gloves

• Available with numerous palm materials, back materials, leather grades, etc.
• Liners include fleecy palm, fleece, fleece cotton, and jersey
• Clute, Drivers, and Gunn cuts available

Mechanics Gloves
• Offer protection against injuries while performing machinery repairs or other maintenance tasks
• Coated, general purpose, and impact resistant models are available
• Choose from a range of colors, materials, palm construction, and knuckle padding

Welding Gloves
• Large variety designed for heat and abrasion resistance
• Applications include various MIG/TIG gloves addressing fingertip sensitivity, dexterity, ability to manipulate small objects, high heat, and much more
• Liners include Aerofoam ™, Aerogel, cotton, fleece, leather, polyester, and more

With such a large selection of safety gloves and other hand PPE, Sustainable Supply can help you keep your workers safe and productive in the workplace. Shop today and take advantage of our low prices, expert assistance, and fast carbon-neutral shipping program.