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At Sustainable Supply, “going green” means high-efficiency, human health, and environmental sustainability, it’s that simple. And there is no better place in your facility for going green than the restroom. 

We offer high-efficiency products such as hand dryers, waterless urinals, toilets, faucets, wash fountains and more, and for good reason, the average commercial restroom is responsible for close to 40% of the facility’s total water requirement, so the water fixtures are capable of producing significant budgetary savings. And while there are numerous factors impacting indoor air quality, one of the easiest to address happens to be the types of cleaners used in your facility. It could be that those harsh cleaners, used in the name of cleanliness, are the reason for your employees’ increased struggles with asthma and allergies, or worse, the cause of increased absences. The remaining fixtures, such as soap and tissue dispensers, toilet partitions, paper products, grab bars, baby changers, and waste receptacles are capable of being produced with materials that have low chemical emissions and divert materials from landfills, which may support your organization’s overall sustainability goals.

Sustainable Supply has the web's best selection of green restroom supplies for commercial buildings, restaurants, offices, schools, and more. We make going green easy and affordable by offering the most trusted brands at wholesale prices. Stock up on everything you need to maintain or upgrade your restroom. Working on a large project or need a large volume quote? Contact one of our project managers today for expert advice on product selection and industry-best practices.