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Bradley Washfountains & Bradley Wash Fountain Repair Parts

Take advantage of our low-price guarantee on all Bradley Wash Fountains today!

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Sustainable Supply is your #1 source for Bradley washfountains. Bradley wash fountains are a green hand washing solution that has been around much longer than the sustainability movement. These hand wash basins require less labor and materials for installation and use less water per person, producing significant cost-savings for building owners. Call our Restroom Experts today for unbeatable assistance with your application and recommendations on industry-best practices for hand wash stations and the rest of the room!d

When you choose Sustainable Supply for your next wash fountain purchase, you can count on:

  • A Low-Price Guarantee on all Bradley washfountains

  • Free-shipping

  • A full line of materials and mounting options to meet your specific needs

  • Expert assistance on application questions and industry-best practices


Why Choose Bradley Washfountains?

Bradley washfountains are designed for efficiency and are ideal for higher traffic applications -- factories, stadiums, schools, recreation areas, convention centers, and food/medical/printing facilities -- restrooms where the number of users, space requirements, and installation costs are key factors.

When compared to individual lavatory faucets, the benefits include:

 • More hand wash stations per sq. ft.

• Lower installation costs

• Less service and cleaning

• Lower operating costs

• Barrier-free, ADA-compliant models available

Washfountains offer maximum opportunity for space management. In just one example, a 54” circular washfountain from Bradley Corporation can simultaneously serve the needs of eight hand washers. In a restroom that uses traditional lavatory faucets, with the required 30” between faucets, eight handwashing stations would require 17.5’ in width - FOUR times the width of a washfountain.

Bradley washfountains also offer lower installation costs. With only one water intake and one water disposal pathway to install, the savings actually begin before your first hand-washing. When one fountain sink can offset the need for EIGHT lavatory sinks, your budget benefits from not having to install eight hot water lines and seven additional drains.

Washfountains require less service and cleaning. Going to back to the 54” circular unit, one washfountain eliminates eight supply lines (hot water) and seven waste lines, which also reduces the same number of supply and waste lines to service and maintain. And it doesn’t stop there. Cleaning one washfountain requires far less time than eight separate lavatory sinks and faucets, and one continuous bowl on a washfountain results in less rag snags and crevices to scrub.

And the savings wouldn’t be complete without a little water and energy efficiency to top it all off. Lacking a hot water supply line means less water that your facility needs to heat. And if you consider the traditional lavatory faucet, using 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), three people simultaneously washing their hands would require 7.5 GPM. However, a facility that utilizes a Bradley Sentry Washfountain that serves three people simultaneously will require just 1.5 GPM, producing significant water savings.

Additional benefits include:

Washfountains that incorporate the foot pedal activation are an age-old, yet brilliant solution to the demand for a touchless fixture. Wash sinks that utilize a foot pedal take care of any uncertainty about when the water will flow, also avoiding those circumstances when the sensor gets blocked and keeps the water running long after you’ve walked away.

Easier Maintenance
  • Continuous bowl surface reduces cleaning time.
  • Heavy-duty materials and design make Bradley washfountains extremely durable.
  • Single water intake and outtake connections

Vandal-Resistance Features
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Most units house soap, waste valves, supplies, etc. concealed within the pedestal.

ADA Compliance
  • ADA compliant models available in the Terreon, Terreon deep bowl, Terazzo Multi-Founts, and Sentry lines. 

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• Low cost
• Chemical resistant / High durability
• Pre-assembled pedestal & valve
• Accommodates heavily soiled hands & arms
• Perfect for manufacturing facilities, retrofits, and repair facilities



• Medium cost
• Most vandal resistant
• Heaviest bowl material
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Perfect for manufacturing facilities, repair facilities, and stadiums



• Extreme durability
• Lighter weight ADA compliance (most models)
• Accommodates heavily soiled hands & arms
• Perfect for Manufacturing facilities, food/medical & repair facilities, schools, and stadiums

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

• Higher cost
• Vandal resistant / Extreme durability
• Partially recycled steel
• Heavy gauge type 304 steel
• Perfect for manufacturing facilities, stadiums, food, medical, printing, & repair facilities

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