About Us

Our Focus
Sustainable Supply has been focusing on our B2B customers and their work since 2009. It’s why we carry over 1,000,000 products and built a website dedicated to your ordering experience. We’re in the business of helping you save time, save money, get your product quickly, and be as green as you want to be. Whether you’re constructing a building, managing a building, a business owner, or a DIY'r, we offer unbeatable service and expertise. All of our passionate and professional team members are here to help you get back to your work faster, and our results reflect our focus. Our clients include global corporations, national retailers, government agencies, local churches, schools, small businesses, contractors, and more - tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and growing!

We’d appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your success too! Sustainable Supply - Where Business Goes Green.


We offer over 1,000,000 products in the building materials, restroom products, HVAC equipment, maintenance, MRO, and safety items marketplace shipped nationally from 50+ distribution centers and manufacturers.

customer support

We know the products we sell are crucial to your building’s operations. When you need it most, our unparalleled Customer Service Professionals will address your needs and help you get back to your work faster.

happy customers

With our low prices, unbeatable service, and product expertise, we’ve attracted clients that include global corporations, national retailers, government agencies, local churches, schools, small businesses, contractors, do-it-yourselfers, and many more!  

Then and Now
Sustainable Supply was founded in 2009 by Brian Fricano, our CEO, in Milwaukee, WI with modest expectations and a vision about how to fill a void in the industrial supply, restroom products, building materials, maintenance supplies, MRO, and safety products marketplace. And customers have responded! Sustainable Supply has been identified on Inc. Magazine's List of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. for five consecutive years while also earning Internet Retailer's Top 1,000 ranking for each of the last seven years.

We’ve grown from a small operation with only a few employees to the employer of numerous industry-leading product experts in restrooms, eyewash stations, motors, and more. Our team boasts well over a hundred years of collective experience in supply chain distribution, and our virtual product catalog has surged from under 10,000 in 2009 to over 1,000,000 products shipped from more than 50 distribution centers and manufacturers today. Oh, and Brian moved our headquarters to Colorado in 2013 - a decision the team thinks has been his best, but then again we love seeing the mountains every day!


Brian moved our headquarters from Wisconsin to Colorado, one of the nation’s leaders in green building in 2013 - operations in both states allows the company to continue our tremendous growth.


The annual Inc. 5000 list is the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. Sustainable Supply is proud to be among only 7% of companies who have made the Inc. 5000 list for five consecutive years.


Sustainable Supply recently earned the Colorado Companies to Watch Award. Colorado Companies to Watch honors companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities, and create new industries throughout Colorado.

Where Business Goes Green
We’ve applied what green means to the way we do business. 1) Green means high-efficiency, so we set up a sophisticated network of suppliers and distribution centers to help reduce waste in the supply chain. We ship Floor to Door from our largest manufacturing partners right from the factory where the product is made, not first to a warehouse and then to you. 2) Green also means a commitment to human health, so we use many of the outstanding green cleaning supplies and maintenance products we sell to our customers every day. 3) Finally, green means environmental health. Our carbon-neutral shipping program offsets the transportation emissions of all deliveries - at no additional cost to our customers. We also purchase carbon offsets for all of our facilities, offer telecommuting and bike-to-work programs, use high-efficiency lighting and building-wide recycling, and we even purchase used office furniture (you’d never be able to tell).

Shop Sustainable Supply today - it’s Where Business Goes Green.

Carbon Neurtal

Whether you purchase an eyewash station or LED lighting, a hammer or high-efficiency motor, it’s easy to “go green” with carbon-neutral shipments from Sustainable Supply.

Floor to Door

Floor to Door products ship directly from the manufacturing floor to your door. They get to where they’re needed faster and have a reduced carbon footprint than those products shipped via traditional methods.

Green Certified

Not sure if a product meets your sustainability criteria? Look for the green leaf to know which products can be considered green. We’ll show you the product’s certification, and if you need more information, find out more about What Makes It Green.