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Since 1983, Hadrian has been an industry-leading manufacturer of quality toilet partitions, offering a wide range of partitions products, mounting styles, color options, and recycled content. Hadrian’s commitment to new technologies and materials has resulted in greater design flexibility for architects, designers, and end-users alike.

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If your project is looking to achieve green building certification, Hadrian partitions provide excellent solutions. The toilet partitions do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and do not contain urea-formaldehyde. The manufacturing process produces very little waste, energy consumption is low, and there are no solvent emissions. Hadrian also pays close attention to their packaging materials -- using boxes that are made from 100% recycled material and shipping containers that are 100% recyclable. Projects pursuing LEED certification will find that Hadrian partitions can contribute to acquiring the Materials and Resources Credits for Recycled Content and Regional Materials.

With a commitment to innovation and the ability to support your company’s sustainability goals, Hadrian will surpass even the toughest of expectations. Shop for Hadrian toilet partitions at Sustainable Supply today, and take advantage of our expert assistance, 48-hour shipping, and factory-direct pricing.

Hadrian bathroom partitions are available in these materials:

Powder Coated Partitions - Hadrian’s powder coating technology achieves a strong, durable finish that resists impacts, abrasions, and detergents. The thicker paint application performs well against rust while maintaining exceptional surface uniformity. The powder coating is also a proven performer against graffiti, allowing nuisances such as permanent markers, lipstick, crayons, and spray paint to be removed without any residue left behind. Powder-coated partitions from Hadrian are also available in a variety of colors and mounting options.

• The most budget-friendly stall available
• 50% recycled content
• Completely fireproof - Class A fire rating
• Proven graffiti resistance

Solid Plastic (HDPE) Partitions - Well-suited in facilities such as schools, stadiums, parks, airports, and other high-traffic applications, Hadrian’s solid plastic partitions are engineered to withstand the most challenging environments without the threat of delamination, denting, or breaking. HDPE partitions by Hadrian feature a solid core, which means no air pockets and a bathroom stall that is remarkably durable. Each partition is easy to maintain, graffiti resistant, and available in a variety of colors and mounting options.

• Mid-level budget-friendliness - offset by extreme durability
• 30% recycled content
• Class B fire rating
• Excellent graffiti resistance - most graffiti can be removed

Stainless Steel Partitions - Comprised of an outstanding 76% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer recycled content, Hadrian’s stainless steel bathroom partitions are an excellent match for any application trying to achieve sustainability goals. Stainless steel toilet partitions offer a high-end look and incredible performance at a lower cost point than composite and phenolic partitions, while also offering a Class A fire rating. Stainless partitions are available in three finishes, including brushed, embossed, and hybrid that brings both finishes together to provide increased graffiti protection while maintaining a smooth, clean appearance on the outside.

• Mid--low-level budget friendliness - offset by outstanding performance
• 91% recycled content
• Completely fireproof - Class A fire rating
• Average graffiti resistance

Additional technical data is available in the included documents below, but don’t hesitate to call our team of partitions experts who will help you purchase the bathroom dividers that will exceed your application’s requirements.

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