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Haws Eye Wash & Safety Showers

Workplace Safety is critical - get everything from fall protection to eyewash stations in one easy place.

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Shop for Haws eyewash and safety shower equipment at Sustainable Supply, and take advantage of low prices, expert assistance, and a great selection. Sustainable Supply carries the full line of Haws emergency equipment, including eyewash stations that are faucet mount, pedestal mount, wall mount, deck mount, portable, and more. We also have Haws combination units, freeze resistant units, barrier-free units, drench showers and hoses, and a wide range of replacement parts.

Haws has been leading the innovation charge in the plumbing and safety environments for more than 100 years. It began with Luther Haws, a master plumber and self-employed businessman who lived in California. One day he observed school children drinking water from a shared cup, and not long after, he invented and assembled the world’s first drinking faucet.

Today, Haws is a third and fourth-generation family-owned company that continues to innovate with its eyewash and safety shower solutions. When you purchase your emergency response systems at Sustainable Supply, our wholesale supply chain network saves you money. We ship Floor to Door, from the floor of the factory where it’s made, directly to your door, reducing carbon emissions and the inefficiencies of traditional distribution models all while offering you the benefits of factory-direct pricing.

So shop Sustainable Supply today for the Haws emergency response solutions your facility needs.

Some of Haws’ top-sellers include:

Axion MSR Equipped Eye/face Wash Units and Drench Showers: Standard on the most popular configurations, including combination units, wall and pedestal-mounted eye/face washes, and drench showers, the Axion Medically Superior Response sprayhead features an inverted flow design that operates in a manner consistent with emergency medical protocols. The Axion MSR sprayheads are the only eye/face wash units to flush water from the inner edge of the eye, close to the nose, toward the outer edge, keeping contaminants away from the nasal cavity drain where further injury could be caused. The Axion MSR also features:

• ANSI Z358.1 compliance for velocity, stream height, and gallons per minute
• In-line strainer that collects potentially harmful debris
• Pre-built and fully water tested for reliability
• Predictable stream heights for enhanced comfort and a full 15-minute flush

Axion eyePOD: This unit mounts easily to standard faucets, bringing affordable emergency response to healthcare offices, laboratories, schools, and more. The eyePOD utilizes Haws’ innovative approach to flushing technology, inverting the water streams so contaminants are carried away from the nasal cavity drain and toward the outer edge of the eye, reducing the potential for additional injuries. This faucet-mount eyewash station delivers a polished stainless steel exterior which is easy to clean and blends into the existing faucet design. The eyePOD also features:

• ANSI Z358.1 compliance Thermostatic safety shutoff diverts water through the bottom when temps reach 100 degrees F
• Easy installation - unscrew
Existing faucet aerator and screw on the eyePOD
• Easy activation - front portion of the unit rotates to activate

Axion Thermostatic Mixing Valves: Designed exclusively for tempered water blending in emergency equipment, Axion thermostatic mixing valves incorporate brass construction with one-piece casting, as well as design strategy and technology to provide a complete safety solution for maximum comfort. Additional features of the Axion thermostatic mixing valve include:

• Elimination of valve binding through a custom shuttle design
• Highest cold water bypass flow rate by class
• Scald protection suspends hot water when cold water supply is lost
• Calcium and lime resistant
• Extended 3-year warranty

Keep your workers safe and comply with the current ANSI Z358.1 Eyewash Standard and OSHA regulations when you purchase Haws emergency equipment from Sustainable Supply!

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