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Waste Receptacles

Public Bathroom Trash Cans

Waste Receptacles play a pivotal role in the cleanliness of your facility’s restrooms. 

Sustainable Supply is your provider for great values on steel waste receptacles and garbage cans in a variety of the top brands and styles. Bobrick, Bradley, and ASI recycled steel trash receptacles make a durable and attractive choice for any public bathroom. Wall mounted waste receptacles are ideal for efficient public restrooms, and are durable enough to withstand a high amount of use. Choose from surface mounted waste receptacles, recessed waste receptacles, and floor-standing waste receptacles. Efficiently provide waste deposit access placed under counter tops with Bobrick B-529 Circular Waste Chute. This waste chute is a convenient way to keep any high-traffic restroom clean. Shop Sustainable Supply for these and other washroom accessories like combination product dispenser units, low-flow faucets, and paper towel dispensers.

Equip your restroom with the highest quality commercial waste receptacles from Sustainable Supply. Choose from a huge variety of the industry’s leading manufacturers of commercial trash receptacles including: Bobrick, Bradley and ASI. Sustainable Supply makes it is easy to find the best commercial trash cans with a wide selection of products featuring various types of styles and sizes. We understand that every commercial restroom operates differently – this is why we provide the best selection of durable, high quality commercial garbage cans including: surface-mounted waste receptacles, circular countertop waste chutes, recessed waste receptacles, semi-recessed waste receptacles, and floor standing waste receptacles. Regardless the size of your commercial restroom operation, Sustainable Supply has the best products and expertise to help ensure you choose the best commercial waste receptacle for your commercial restroom