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Bobrick Washroom Accessories

We have you covered with expert advice, a vast selection, and the Low Price Guarantee on our full line of Bobrick washroom accessories.

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At Sustainable Supply, we have you covered with expert advice, a vast selection, and a Low Price Guarantee on our full line of Bobrick washroom accessories. Bobrick's product offering includes toilet partitions, soap dispensers, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, grab bars, shower curtains, high-speed hand dryers, sanitary waste cans, and more.

For over 100 years Bobrick’s performance-engineered products have positioned the company as a market leader, delivering value and design excellence to building owners worldwide. As Bobrick continues to lead through innovation, architects, developers, and facility managers continue to fulfill their restroom project’s needs with Bobrick washroom accessories.

When choosing Bobrick for your project, our wholesale sustainable supply chain network saves you money by shipping Floor to Door, directly from the floor of the factory where it’s made, to your door, reducing the carbon emissions and inefficiencies of traditional distribution while offering you factory-direct pricing. We’re also excited about Bobrick’s ongoing commitment to waste reduction and resource conservation while continuing to deliver products that support the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduce & Reuse Resource Conservation Initiative.

So check out the Bobrick washroom accessories at Sustainable Supply - your #1 source for Bobrick products! And don’t forget that our team of experts are standing by to provide any application assistance you might need. 

Some of Bobrick’s top-sellers include:

Toilet Partition

Bobrick is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of non-metal restroom partitions, including Solid Core Reinforced Composite, Compact Laminate, and High Pressure Laminate. Each of the materials are capable of supporting your company’s sustainability goals by incorporating recycled content, eliminating the presence of formaldehyde, or qualifying as a product with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Bobrick’s washroom partitions are also available in a range of styles and mounting options that are sure to accommodate your project’s requirements.

Solid Color Reinforced Composite
• Scratch, dent, moisture, impact resistant
• Solid color through the material
• Non-ghosting graffiti removal
• 25-year limited warranty

Compact Laminate
• Durable, solid-core construction
• Attractive black edge design
• Non-ghosting graffiti removal
• 25-year warranty

High Pressure Laminate
• Budget Sensitive Prices
• Non-ghosting graffiti removal
• Scratch, dent, impact resistant
• Industrial-grade particle board

Soap Dispensers

Bobrick is one of the leading manufacturers of restroom dispensers of all types, including soap dispensers. Bobrick’s line of soap dispensers offers choice where budget, style, sustainability, hygiene, and code compliance are important. Bobrick offers counter-mount or wall-mount dispensers, manual or touch-free dispensers, liquid soap or foam soap dispensers, and in each category offerings are available in plastic or stainless steel.

Wall-Mount or Counter-Mount

Wall-Mount Dispenser
• Touch-free and manual dispensing options available
• Flexible mounting - bracket or adhesives
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Vandal resistant options

Counter-Mount Soap Dispenser
• Touch-free or manual dispensing options available Integrated, attractive designs
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Increased accessibility
• Vandal resistant options

Manual or Touch-Free

Manual Soap Dispenser
• One handed dispensing
• Easy to refill
• No battery costs
• Fewer maintenance requirements as a result of fewer mechanical components

Touch-Free Soap Dispenser
• Standardized amounts save money
• High-end image
• Improved hygiene - fewer contact points
• Ease of user experience
• Batteries required

Liquid or Foam

Liquid Soap
• Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Lowest initial cost
• No special pumps required

Foam Soap
• Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Pre-lathered soap requires less water for rinsing
• Eliminates drips, stains, and clogs
• More handwashes per refill

Paper Towel Dispensers

Top-selling paper towel dispensers from Bobrick can dispense C-Fold, Multifold, and Singlefold towels from a stainless steel dispenser. Stainless steel paper towel dispensers from Bobrick average a 60% recycled content rating, which can assist any project seeking to create a green restroom environment. And if you’re worried about these dispensers allowing a stack of towels to be released when the user only wanted one, the TowelMate will work with all major manufacturers’ products to reduce overall paper towel waste by 20-40%. Automatic paper towel dispensers can further the cause of good hygiene by doing what the name suggests: automatically dispensing towels, eliminating contact with the dispenser itself. Many models allow the owner to determine the number of towels to be dispensed, which can assist with waste reduction efforts. Models that are Made in the USA designated have not created the transportation emissions associated with products that are produced internationally.

C-Fold, Multifold, and Singlefold Dispensers

• Works well in nearly any type of commercial restroom
• Easy to mount securely on various types of walls
• Easy maintenance

Automatic Towel Dispensers

• Provide the perfect amount of roll towels to the user
• Saves money from overuse and wasted towels
• Clean touch-free experience for hand drying

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet tissue dispensers from Bobrick are available to suit any need, and the right dispenser is a crucial component in the success of your restroom. Factors such as price, traffic volume, vandalism potential, servicing frequency, composition, and appearance can determine the right fit for your space. Sustainable Supply offers Bobrick’s full line of toilet tissue dispensers.

Single Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
• Most affordable option
• Well-suited for lower traffic restrooms

Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
• Cost-effective option
• Dispenses from two rolls instead of one

Multi Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
• Two rolls of paper can support any size restroom
• Reserve roll remains covered and drops into place when the first has been used

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
• Fully enclosed units - easy to maintain
• Jumbo rolls last longer, reducing servicing frequency

Coreless Toilet Paper Dispenser
• Affordable prices
• Smaller fixtures still deliver up to six times that of a standard core

Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Sanitary napkin receptacles are an essential component of the female restroom. These receptacles allow for the safe removal of sanitary waste that does not belong in the trash can or the toilets. In addition, these receptacles allow for the discreet removal of feminine hygiene products. Sanitary napkin receptacles from Bobrick maintain the appearance of your restroom and are available in styles and materials that match the rest of the fixtures in that space.

Surface Mount Receptacles
• Offers mounting location flexibility
• Stainless steel contains 65% recycled content

Recessed Receptacles
• Slim profile is less obtrusive
• Stainless steel contains 65% recycled content

Sustainable Supply is your number one source for Bobrick restroom products. And don’t forget that our team of experts are standing by to provide any application assistance you might need.