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We know restroom partitions. Our team of Partitions Experts has been focusing on customers of all sizes since 2009. With over 100,000 successful orders delivered, each with different layouts, material needs, mounting styles, budgets, products, and more, our team brings a wealth of experience to your next project. We offer all brands, styles, and materials. As a trusted dealer for all of the major toilet partitions manufacturers, we provide product-solutions for every project and every budget. Not sure what you need? Let your dedicated Partitions Expert advise you based on your restroom’s specific requirements. We’ll take your dimensions, drawings, pictures, or construction documents and generate the official shop drawings and pricing options you need to make a decision. Your Expert will continue to work with you to process the order quickly and coordinate the delivery to arrive precisely when you need it.

Choose from the largest nationwide inventory available for quick shipping. We ship in-stock bathroom partitions from all the major manufacturers across 10 strategically-located warehouses nationwide. Your timeline is important. Sustainable Supply’s in-stock toilet partitions program will help you meet it.

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We’ve been working with customers of all sizes since 2009.

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Toilet Partitions Material Selection and Application Guide

Choosing the right toilet partition material for your application is crucial to the success and longevity of your restroom project. While budget is always a major factor, choosing a material on price alone may not best suit your needs. The following guide illustrates the options you have when making decisions about your project. Have questions? Contact our Toilet Partitions Experts today!

Quick Considerations for Toilet Partitions

  • Budget
  • Type of Building
  • Vandalism Concerns 
  • Moisture in Restrooms 
  • Green/Sustainable Attributes
  • Color Options 
  • Mounting Options 
  • Fire Ratings 
  • Lead Times
  • 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • Best Suited for Offices, Restaurants, & Retail Stores

Baked enamel toilet partitions are great for budget-conscious customers with low moisture restrooms. This material provides low to moderate protection from vandalism, so in most cases, it’s not the best choice for applications with that potential. Office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores are a few examples of application types that commonly utilize baked enamel steel restroom partitions. Steel toilet partitions can vary in recycled content from 25-80% and many are GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions and are free of urea-formaldehyde, a known air-quality contaminant.

Baked enamel or powder coated bathroom partitions from Global Partitions, Bradley, Hadrian, Columbia Partitions, and Ampco are the most economical materials available. Toilet partitions from these manufacturers come in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles, including floor-mounted overhead-braced, floor braced, ceiling hung, and floor to ceiling hung. Sustainable Supply is proud to offer 48-hour shipping from various manufacturers.

Starting at $480

  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • Corrosion Resistant - Best Suited for Office Buildings and Restaurants

Plastic laminate, or P-Lam, as it’s commonly known in the industry, is another great material for budget-conscious customers and includes up to 47% recycled content. While the material is corrosion-resistant, it is not moisture resistant, and therefore not recommended for pools, health clubs, or any other high moisture environments. Facilities with graffiti and vandalism problems should not choose this material as it can be scratched, carved, and etched into. Plastic laminate is the perfect choice for an office building, doctor’s office, or restaurant that desires a custom but affordable look.

Plastic laminate toilet partitions are available from Global Partitions and Bobrick and provide for an economical choice with a virtually unlimited option of colors. Laminate surfaces have been used in homes and businesses for many years, and while most people are familiar with them as a countertop or furniture finish, plastic laminate also produces a versatile restroom divider material. Like the baked enamel steel materials, P-LAM is also available in the following mounting styles: floor mounted overhead-braced, floor braced, ceiling hung, and floor to ceiling hung.

Starting at $450

  • 20+ Popular Colors
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
  • Superior Moisture Resistance - Best Suited for Health Clubs, Pools, Stadiums, Schools and High-Traffic Locations

Solid high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic restroom dividers offer one of the best solutions for high traffic and moist environments. Solid plastic bathroom partitions are impervious to moisture, so they won’t absorb odors, delaminate, rust, or mildew. HDPE toilet partitions are available from Bradley, Global Partitions, Columbia Partitions, Hadrian, and Ampco in numerous color options.

Solid plastic toilet partitions also feature many great sustainable and green benefits. Standard plastic material is available with up to 30% pre-consumer recycled HDPE, but premium plastic material constructed out of 100% post-consumer HDPE is also available. Select manufacturers produce partitions that are GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions and free of urea-formaldehyde, a known air-quality contaminant.

Sustainable Supply is proud to offer 48-hour shipping from many manufacturers in the most popular colors to complement your restroom design. Pricing on plastic bathroom stalls is considerably higher than powder coated/baked enamel steel and plastic laminate, however, in high moisture and vandal prone areas, HDPE offers years of cost savings due to its strength, resistance to moisture, and low maintenance design. HDPE restroom partitions are best suited for health clubs, recreation centers, pools, stadiums, schools, and other high traffic restrooms.

Starting at $335

  • Wide Variety of Colors & Mounting Options
  • 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
  • Durable & Vandal Resistant - Best Suited for Recreation Centers, Airports, Office Buildings, and High-End Applications

Phenolic toilet partitions are a versatile material that can be installed in a variety of applications. The material is one of the most durable and vandal resistant available, perfect for high traffic and moist environments. Phenolic partitions are available from Ampco, Columbia Partitions, Bradley, and Global Partitions in a variety of mounting styles and colors. Sustainable Supply offers 48-hour shipping on phenolic core toilet partitions from several manufacturers.

Phenolic toilet partitions are also a great choice for any green restroom design. Phenolic bathroom products will hold up for years in the harshest of environments, but also include recycled content, and select manufacturers produce partitions that are GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions and free of urea-formaldehyde, a known air-quality contaminant.

Costs on phenolic partitions are comparable to solidplasticpartitions, but are typically cheaper than most stainless steel products. However, cost savings are realized over the life of this product as it contributes to lower maintenance costs through its unmatched durability. Phenolic is the perfect material choice for recreation centers, aquatic centers, airports, office buildings, and mosthigh end applications.

Starting at $700

  • Highest Durability
  • Numerous Mounting Options
  • 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
  • High-End Look & Low Maintenance - Great for Offices, Restaurants, and High Traffic Areas

Stainless steel bathroom stalls have been one of the most popular materials for toilet partitions over several decades. The material’s high-end look and durability still remains a top choice for many building owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. Stainless Steel bathroom partitions offer another great option for high traffic and vandalism prone restrooms. Typical applications for stainless steel stalls are office buildings, restaurants, airports, rest areas, and other high traffic restrooms, however, we do not recommend stainless steel for shower stalls or excessively moist environments.

Stainless steel partitions are available from Global Partitions, Bradley, Columbia Partitions, Hadrian, and Ampco in a variety of mounting styles with up to 91% recycled content. Select manufacturers produce partitions that are GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions and free of urea-formaldehyde, a known air-quality contaminant.

Need Stainless Steel restroom partitions, doors, panels, and mounting hardware in a hurry? We offer unbeatable 48-hour shipping from select manufacturers on brushed stainless steel and 5WL Textured stainless steel products. While the price point on stainless steel partitions is the highest, the product offers a great return on investment due to its durability and low maintenance design.

Restroom Partitions Mounting Options

Floor-Mounted, Overhead Braced (Most Popular)

This mounting option provides the lowest cost solution for high traffic areas that are also prone to vandalism. This option does not require any special floor or ceiling construction, so installation is easy in both new construction and existing buildings. The anti-grip headrail provides superior rigidity. (Powder coated metal, plastic laminate, phenolic, stainless steel, solid plastic)

  • Most popular mounting style
  • Economical
  • Headrail secures partitions to walls


This mounting option enhances the design of your restroom while providing functional performance. In buildings with high ceilings, this style will enhance the openness of the space. A minimumthree inch concrete floor anchor is required. (Powder coated metal, plastic laminate, phenolic, stainless steel)

  • Concrete floor installation only
  • Simplified construction
  • Creates open environment


This mounting option is well-suited for restrooms with low ceilings. Without any obstructions underneath, this style promotes fast and easy maintenance, but does require structural support in the ceiling for maximum rigidity. Ceiling-hung partitions are not recommended for ceiling heights over eight feet.( powder coated metal, plastic laminate, phenolic, stainless steel)

  • Simplifies floor cleaning
  • Requires structural ceiling supports
  • Used in conjunction with wall mounted toilets


This mounting option works well where your partitions system requires additional support. This style is anchored at the floor and ceiling.(powder coated metal, plastic laminate, phenolic, stainless steel, solid plastic)

  • Extremely stable mounting style
  • Secures to both the floor and ceiling
  • Requires both concrete floor and structural ceiling mounting

Steel - Baked Enamel or Powder Coated

(48 Hour Ship)

(48 Hour Ship)
Light Grey
(48 Hour Ship)
Colonial Blue
(48 Hour Ship)

(Quick Ship)

(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)




Sapphire Blue


Ruby Red




Extra White




Moss Green


Kilim Beige


Tricorn Black






Black Fox

Cast Iron Metallic

Nickel Metallic





Plastic Laminate


Designer White


Frosty White






Evening Tigris


Slate Grey


Antique White


Natural Almond






Khaki Brown


Desert Zephyr






Brittay Blue





White Nebula

Grey Glace

Grey Nubula

Windswept Bronze

Caldera Beige

Neutral Glace

Tungsten EV

Natural Tigris

Ochre Roletta


Wild Cherry

Figured Mahogany

Beige Nebula

Cloud Nebula

Mystique Marine

Ebony Star





Solid HDPE Plastic


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)


(48 Hour Ship)












Canyon Granite

Frost Granite








Earth Wash

Graphite Grafix

Folkstone Celesta

Natural Canvas

Navey Grafix



Stainless Steel

#4 Brushed Stainless Steel

Embossed Stainless Steel