Fasco has been producing the world’s most comprehensive line of fractional horsepower electric motors and blowers for over 100 years. Beginning in 1911 with one manufacturing plant in Rochester, NY., Fasco has become a global manufacturer with over 5,000 employees in 13 facilities across two continents today.   

Offering high-quality electric motors at competitive prices, Fasco motors bring to life thousands of products across a diverse line of applications. Fasco’s production facilities utilize Six Sigma design to ensure ongoing process improvements and efficient manufacturing that results in superior quality and significant cost savings.

Fasco’s blower lineup includes single and double centrifugal blowers, transverse-flow, and multi-stage blowers that are designed for use in applications such as gas furnaces, water heaters, food service equipment, space heaters, and more. Their line of AC motors range from c-frame and 3.3” motors to 56 frame electric motors that are commonly used in heaters, pumps, compressors, fans, air-conditioners, and more.  

Buying a new Fasco motor or blower is easy at Sustainable Supply. Take advantage of low prices and fast shipping when you buy today.

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