Sustainable Supply has all your flush valve needs covered. We carry a wide selection of automatic flush valve retrofit kits, manual flush valves, and automatic flush valves for toilets and urinals.

The commercial restroom accounts for approximately 40% of a building’s water usage, and a majority of that water passes through the flush valves. It’s easy to see how flush valve decisions can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

Sustainable Supply has all the flush valve options you need:

Automatic Flush Valve Retrofit Kits - Designed to convert existing flushing systems from manual to automatic. Retrofit kits also improve the cleanliness of toilets that might go unflushed while reducing maintenance requirements.
• Cost effective conversion to a touchless fixture
• Offers the potential for significant water-savings
• ADA compliant ready

Manual Flush Valves - These flush valves offer the lowest initial cost for toilets and urinals. Also capable of producing water-savings, manual flushometers do not require batteries for operation, reducing overall maintenance requirements.
• Lowest initial cost
• Eliminates unwanted flushing
• Water-saving models available

Automatic Flush Valves - Designed for new installations, automatic flush valves include the complete flushing system. These valves offer savings through water and maintenance reductions while offering a touchless experience.
• Ensures clean toilets and urinals with reliable flushing
• Models available that offer significant water-savings
• Touchless fixture

Stop flushing money down the drain, and start saving in one of the most important rooms in your facility: the restroom.

Flush valve manufacturers provide the option to install high-efficiency flush valves or commercial dual flush valves, both of which produce water savings without first having to replace the entire toilet or urinal. And your new flush valve will install in minutes, giving you the instant savings that will improve your bottom line.

For instance, if your facility hasn’t had a restroom update and was built after 1995, your toilets most likely use 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), and your urinals are using 1.0 GPF. If your facility was constructed before 1995, your toilets could use as much as 6.0 GPF, and your urinals could be using as much as 5.0 GPF!

Assuming that your facility has been updated since 1995, look at these savings:

Current Use:
• Toilets - 1.6 GPF
• Urinals - 1.0 GPF

And then you purchase some high-efficiency flush valves as part of your retrofit:
• Toilets - (Sloan Retrofit Kit) - 1.28 GPF
• Urinals - (Toto Auto Flush Valve) - .25 GPF

Based on those products -- and there are even more efficient options available -- your facility will save 20% on toilets and 75% on urinals, and those savings will accumulate approximately $1000 per fixture over the life of the unit!

Sustainable Supply has the best selection of high-efficiency and commercial dual flush valves, so buy today and start taking advantage of the savings!