Resources - Paper Towel Dispensers

They’re used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from a hand dryer to germ remover and door handle barrier. In schools and offices, paper towels are used to soak up spills and wipe up potential stains. They can be an emergency coffee filter, a floor scrubber, a moisture absorber in a bag of lettuce, and much more.

As a utility player, paper towels can fill a lot of gaps in your facility. In the commercial restroom, paper towels provide a quiet dispensing option that dries hands completely and quickly. And when a user wants to avoid the door handle on her way out of the restroom, nothing works better than a paper towel. Choosing the right paper towel for your facility should begin with the type of dispenser that’s right for your facility.

Included below is a look at the types of paper towels and dispensers available for the commercial restroom. Once you’ve selected the dispensers that suit your application’s needs, shop Sustainable Supply for low prices, free shipping, auto-reorder, carbon-neutral shipping, and more. 

Dispenser Types

Selecting the best dispenser for your facility should take into consideration factors such as user preference, access requirements, style, paper towel compatibility, and usage. Sustainable Supply is your source for a full line of commercial paper towel dispensers, including automatic, lever, centerpull, and folded paper towel dispensers.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Automatic dispensers offer users the ability to dry the hands without having to touch the unit. Automatic sensors dispense paper towels per user, eliminating the possibility for germs to be transferred through a crank or lever needed for dispensing. These dispenser types also offer the ability to limit the quantity of dispensed product and minimize waste that results from over-dispensing.

  • Clean, touch-free user experience for hand drying
  • Controlled dispensing avoids overuse and waste
  • Available in a variety of materials and styles
  • Compatible with standard hardwound paper towels

Lever Roll Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper towel dispensers that utilize a lever/crank mechanism for dispensing offer a variety of paper towel lengths that can help a facility manager control excess product usage. The lever-controlled dispenser enables fast paper dispensing, making these units ideal for use in light and medium traffic restrooms, however, lever dispensers are not hands free and do require each user to make physical contact with the unit to dispense paper towels.

  • Allows a variety of paper towel lengths to be dispensed
  • Ideal for use in light and medium traffic restrooms
  • Available in a variety of materials and styles
  • Compatible with standard hardwound paper towels

C-Fold, Multifold, and Singlefold Paper Towel Dispensers

Folded paper towel dispensers provide the user with one towel at a time and allows easy access from the bottom of the unit. Available in a variety of materials, stainless steel units are often constructed with recycled content. Accessories are available to assist facility managers in preventing the accidental dispensing of multiple towels.

  • Easy to separate paper towels
  • Touchless dispensing does not require batteries for operation
  • Available in a variety of materials and styles
  • Units typically compatible with centerfold, multifold, and singlefold towels

Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser

Center pull dispensers provide a cost-effective and sanitary option for hand drying in the commercial restroom. These dispensers typically accommodate large rolls, making them ideal for use in high traffic restrooms and commercial kitchens. The pull-down dispensing method delivers towels from the center of the roll, ensuring that each towel remains clean and untouched until dispensed by the user.

  • Effective at dispensing single sheets of towel, minimizing overuse and waste
  • Touchless dispensing does not require batteries for operation
  • Ideal for use in high traffic commercial kitchens and restrooms
  • Designed for use with centerpull towel rolls