Resources - Soap Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose a Soap Dispenser

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated, “Handwashing is like a ‘do it yourself’ vaccine.” All that’s required are five simple steps: Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse, and Dry. Everyone wants to be healthy, but in the workplace, a healthy worker is also far more productive. Restrooms, therefore, play a significant role in your company’s productivity and are worth the careful decisions regarding which products you should use.

When choosing the soap dispensers for your facility, consider these factors:

Wall-Mount Soap Dispenser
• Touch-free and manual dispensing options available
• Flexible mounting - bracket or adhesives
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Vandal resistant options

Counter-Mount Soap Dispenser
• Touch-free or manual dispensing options available
• Integrated, attractive designs
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Increased accessibility
• Vandal resistant options

Manual Soap Dispenser
• One handed dispensing
• Easy to refill
• No battery costs
• Fewer maintenance requirements as a result of fewer mechanical components

Touch-Free Soap Dispenser
• Standardized amounts save money
• High-end image
• Improved hygiene - fewer contact points
• Ease of user experience
• Batteries required

Liquid Soap
• Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Lowest initial cost
• No special pumps required

Foam Soap
• Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Pre-lathered soap requires less water for rinsing
• Eliminates drips, stains, and clogs
• More handwashes per refill