ASI 0361 Soap Dispenser, Automatic, 28 oz. , Plastic, Surface Mounted

ASISKU: c1968198
MPN : 0361
Weight : 2.5 lb


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Intended for mounting on any hard surface, the ASI 0361 Soap Dispenser dispenses liquid soaps, hand lotions and detergents without users ever having to push a button or press a lever. The unit is outfitted with a proximity sensor powered by one 9 volt or six AA batteries and automatically dispenses liquid cleansers and soaps in dosages that you can set yourself. The dispenser works with any type of commercial liquid cleansers or lotions that have a viscosity range of between 5 and 3500 MilliPascals per second. With a capacity of 27 ounces, the dispenser is rectangular in shape and 4-5/8 inches in width. The unit is made entirely of high impact-resistant white ABS plastic. A soap level viewing window is positioned at the front of the unit. Measuring 10-15/16 inches in height, the soap dispenser can only be opened from the top using a special key, which is provided by the manufacturer.

Type of Soap/Sanitizer Liquid Soap
Operation Touch Free
Material Plastic
Mount Type Wall Mount