ASI 8358 Fold-up Bath Tub Seat

ASISKU: C1967904
MPN : 8358
Weight : 40.0 lb


$347.08 $631.05

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The ASI 8358 Fold-up Bath Tub Seat is a sturdy, retractable seat that extends completely across a tub to function like a bench. Measuring 15 inches in depth, the seat is made of ivory-colored phenolic that is 1/2 of an inch thick. When it is in place in the tub area, the seat extends from the wall by 33-3/4 inches, making it suitable for use with most standard size bathtubs. The seat frame is crafted from 18-gauge stainless steel tubing that is 1 inch in diameter, while the seat mounting straps are fashioned from 12-gauge stainless steel that is 1 inch wide. The underside of the seat is outfitted with polyurethane rubber cushion grip-pads to prevent slipping and cut down on wear and tear of the tub surface. When properly installed, the tub seat can support up to 500 pounds of weight, making it comply fully with ADA accessibility guidelines.

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