ASI R-009, Theft Resistant Spindle for Toilet Tissue Dispensers

ASISKU: c1967942
MPN : R-009
Weight : 1.0 lb


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For public restrooms where theft of toilet tissue and vandalism are concerns, the ASI R-009 Theft Resistant Spindle makes an excellent accessory to add to an ASI toilet tissue dispenser. The spindle works with all ASI dispensers that have the R-003 spindle, including the 0402-Z, 0403-Z, 0705-Z, 7303, 7305, 7305-2, 7403, 7705 and the 7705-2. The accessory can also be used in all of the models in the 0697, 7042 and 70422 series. Crafted from high-impact ABS plastic, the spindle can be used with any type of toilet tissue that has a core that measures 1-3/8 inches in diameter. The spindle is outfitted with a theft-resistant release mechanism, which is concealed by the toilet tissue roll to prevent the roll from being removed. Once the role is depleted, the core can be torn away to reveal the roller. To remove the spindle, the pivot end must be completely removed from the socket of the unit.

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