Atrix Cartridge Filter, Paper, HEPA Filtration Type, For Vacuum Type Critical Area Vacuum - 730333

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MPN : 730333
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Critical-area vacuum filters fit compatible critical-area vacuums to stop dust, allergens, and potentially hazardous substances from recirculating during vacuuming. They filter fine particles from the vacuumed air as it exits the vacuum's exhaust port.,Vacuum filters trap dust and allergens to keep them from recirculating in the air or entering the vacuum's motor. They're usually found near the vacuum's exhaust port to catch fine particles that haven't been collected in the vacuum bag or dirt cup. These filters are used for regularly replacing old filters to maintain suction and avoid motor burnout. They're also used to change out clogged or damaged filters. They typically fit specific vacuum cleaner brands or models.

Filter Product GroupingCartridge Filter
For Vacuum TypeCritical Area Vacuum
Fits Vacuum BrandAtrix
Fits Vacuum ModelsVACEXP-04
Filter Pickup TypeDry
Filtration TypeHEPA
Filter Efficiency99.97% at 0.3 microns
Filter MaterialPaper
Filter ReusabilityNon-Reusable
Height7 in
Length4 1/4 in
Width/Diameter4 1/4 in
ItemCartridge Filter