Autonics Totem Pole Output Type, Encoder, Manual, 25 Pulses per Revolution - ENH-25-2-T-24

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MPN : ENH-25-2-T-24
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Rotary encoder converts shaft rotation into electronic pulses to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. A control unit evaluates encoder output to determine machine position and velocity, and provide high accuracy and flexibility in motion control. Encoder helps boost productivity by increasing system speeds and accuracy, and decreasing cycle times. For use in applications that require monitoring of acceleration, direction, rotation rate, and speed. Can be used in computer input devices, industrial controls, and robotics.

ItemEncoder, Manual
OutputA, B
Output TypeTotem Pole
Power Supply12-24V DC
Pulses per Revolution25
Starting TorqueMax. 1k gf cm
Max. RPM200 RPM
Cable ConnectionTerminal Block
Cable EntryRear
Diameter80 mm
Depth70 mm