Bobrick B-2400 Floor-Standing Funnel Top Large-Capacity Waste Bin

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MPN : B-2400
Weight : 90.2 lb

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The Bobrick B-2400 Floor-Standing Funnel Top Large-Capacity Waste Receptacle is an easy way to maintain sanitary conditions in your commercial restroom. The receptacle features a funnel top, which easily accepts trash and guides it downward into the can, helping to reduce messes on the floor around the unit. Designed so that users can dispose of refuse without touching the can, the receptacle is fabricated out of type-304, heavy-duty, 16-gauge stainless steel. Made with one-piece construction, the funnel top is also crafted from 16-gauge stainless steel, and the entire unit has an attractive satin finish. An 8-1/4 inch opening in the lid is provided for easy waste disposal. The can stands at 32 inches in height and has four rubber feet mounted on its bottom to keep the unit better stabilized. The waste container can hold up to 33 gallons of trash and was designed specifically for indoor, rather than outdoor, use.