Bobrick B-81212 Replacement Soap Cartridge, Pink Lotion, 12 liter

BobrickSKU: C1968758
MPN : B-81212
Weight : 52.0 lb


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The Bobrick B-81212 is a soap cartridge designed to coordinate with the B-8222 Series of Automatic Soap Dispensers. The cartridge contains pink soap with a rich texture that is similar to lotion. One cartridge contains 12 liters of soap. This is enough of a supply to last for 13,000 handwashes. The cartridge is placed into the automatic soap dispensing system's cabinet, which can be mounted virtually anywhere around the sink area. Bobrick guarantees the continuous flow of soaps in the automatic soap dispensing system, provided that Bobrick brand soaps like the B-81212 are used along with it. As a result, selecting this soap helps to ensure that your soap dispensing system functions optimally.