Bradley Aerada 1100 High Arc Faucet, Model S53-328, Low-Flow 0.5 GPM

BradleySKU: C1974764
MPN : S53-328
Weight : 1.0 lb


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The Bradley Aerada 1100 Model S53-328 Infrared Faucet is a touch-less high arc faucet that dispenses water using a highly sensitive, reliable infrared sensor. The water continues to flow until 2 to 3 seconds after the user removes his or her hands from the sensing area. After 30 to 45 seconds of continuous flow, the faucet shuts off automatically even if a user continues to place their hands in the sensing area in order to conserve water. The zone of the sensor is designed to only include the bowl area, preventing the faucet from turning on accidentally and wasting water. The low-flow .5 GPM faucet includes the high arc faucet. A 12-volt AC power supply is used to power the sensor. The body of the faucet is crafted from solid brass and finished with durable chrome plating to give it an attractive, brilliant sheen. The design of the faucet eliminates exposed controls to cut down on the risk of vandalism in public washrooms.