Bradley S19-110 Drench Shower

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MPN : S19-110
Weight : 35.0 lb

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The Bradley S19-110 is a freestanding drench shower that exceeds the ANSI Standard Z358.1 performance requirements, as certified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. The unit is crafted from galvanized steel covered with BradTect safety yellow coating and outfitted with a universal identification sign to make it highly visible for quick access when emergencies occur. The drench shower features an impact-resistant SpinTec showerhead. Desgined with a 22 GPM flow control, the drench shower conserves water, but is still highly effective in emergency situations. The showerhead is designed to fully soak in seconds. This model also includes a 1-inch NPT stay-open chrome-plated ball valve, which is activated by pulling on a triangular handle mounted at the end of a stainless steel rod.