Diversey Concentrated Spitfire Professional All Purpose Power Cleaner, 47.3 Oz Bottle - DVOCBD540526

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  • Formulated to penetrate, dissolve and lift soils from the surface allowing you to easily wipe away stubborn stains
  • Quickly dissolves graffiti like spray paint, ink, crayon and permanent marker without damaging the surface
  • Wipe away grease, oils and food stains from kitchen surfaces
  • Removes scuffs, heel marks, tar, gum and rubber marks from floors
  • All cleaning programs require a little extra fire power, choose Spitfire Power Cleaner
  • Concentrated at 1 oz to 16 oz of water (1:16) to offer superior performance at an economical price.

Super-strength formula penetrates and dissolves tough soils within seconds allowing a fast and easy removal of dirt and grime. This safe and powerful all-purpose cleaner gets the job done. Remove ink, crayon, marker, adhesive, gum, food soils, scuff marks, grease, oil and daily soil buildup from any washable surface.