Diversey Taski Ultra Plus Mop Frame, 16" Mophead Size, Black/White, 10" Wide - DVOD7520279

DiverseySKU: C3067594
MPN : D7520279
Weight : 1.0 lb


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  • Lightweight and thin to enable the mop to travel beneath low surfaces
  • All frames can be autoclaved for sterilization
  • It is highly recommended to use the TASKI Ultra Mop Frame together with the TASKI Ultra T-Handles and Pro Mops.

The new Ultra handles and frames have been specifically designed for the professional TASKI cleaning system. Velcro slides are easily removed, cleaned or replaced. Integrated locking device regulates speed at which the mop frame turns, simplifying mopping of walls, ceilings and baseboards. Lightweight and thin.