Dyson Airblade Tap Dryer, AB10 110-120V Automatic Hand Dryer, Long Model, Updated Part Number: WD05

DysonSKU: C1977553
MPN : WD05
Weight : 9.5 lb


$1,949.00 $2,234.12

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  • Wash and dry hands at the sink
  • No water on the floor
  • 14 second dry time
  • Hygienic hand dryer
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Saves space
  • Touch-free operation
  • Saves water
  • Quick to clean

With Airblade hand drying technology in a faucet, you can dry your hands right at the sink! This beautiful and futuristic solution will leave a lasting impression with all who use it. And the practical aspects of the TAP make this a compelling investment for any business as well. Installing a Dyson Airblade TAP means significantly reduced operating expenses. No more cases of paper towels to buy and reduced janitorial costs (elimination of frequent service trips to the bathroom mopping up drips from wet hands across the floor and used paper towels thrown on the floor or clogging toilets).

And don't forget the hygienic benefits of a HEPA filtration system. All Dyson Airblades have a 3 stage HEPA filter built in. A grill to capture larger debris, a fleece layer to capture fluff and fibers, and a pleated HEPA media to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The Dyson Airblade AB10 is the long counter-mount option

Cover Material Stainless Steel
Dryer Activation Automatic
Color Stainless Steel
Mounting Counter Mount
Voltage 110-120