GOJO Light Citrus, Liquid, Hand Cleaner, 0.5 oz, Packet, None, PK 40 - 2330-01

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MPN : 2330-01
Weight : 1.7 lb

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Liquid hand cleaner removes germs, grease, and grime from hands.,Hand soap washes away grease, grime, and dirt during handwashing. Hand soap and cleaner refills are supplied in bulk containers such as jugs, drums, and cartridges for refilling dispensers. They come in liquid, foam, gel, paste, powder, and bar forms to suit different applications. Liquids allow pump dispensing for use in areas where hands are frequently washed. Foam creates a lather for washing up using less water and soap than other hand cleaners. Gels and pastes provide a thick coating that clings to hands for rubbing away heavy soils. Powders and other soaps with scrubbing particles are commonly used as heavy-duty, industrial hand cleaners to remove paint, adhesives, and other stuck-on or ground-in substances. Bar soap leaves no bottle behind to refill, recycle, or throw away.