Haws 9400 Axion Steam Water Heater

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MPN : 9400
Weight : 75.0 lb

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When an emergency shower or eyewash is activated, the flow of water opens a steam control valve. The steam enters a brazed plate heat exchanger, instantly heating the water. A mixing valve blends hot and cold water to produce an output of 80° F (27° C ) tepid water. Additional valves keep the system preheated, freeze protected and scald protected. The steam valve will remain closed should there be a loss of water pressure.

FLOW RATES: Provides 3 to 25 GPM (11 to 95 LPM) of tepid water.

OPERATION: Operates on typical plant steam pressure, 45 - 60 PSIG (3 - 4 BAR) is recommended. Steam and water never mix, separated by brazed plate heat exchanger. Low pressure system is available for 15 - 30 PSIG (1-2 BAR) steam.

ASSE 1071 COMPLAINT THERMOSTATIC MIXING VALVE: Unit employs a paraffin-filled thermostatic mixing element that controls the valve spool to blend exactly the correct proportions of hot and cold water to achieve the target set-point. The valve spool is treated with a special non-stick coating that minimizes buildup of minerals and particulates that can cause valve sticking. The mixing valve design allows accurate control of flow from full shower flow to the low eyewash flow ratings shown.

INSTALLATION: Ease of installation, uses existing plant saturated steam and potable water supply. Union connections are provided for quick installation. Compact, lightweight design, easily supported by pipe connections.