Haws AX14S, AXION Advantage stainless steel eye/face wash and shower upgrade system

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The Haws AX14S AXION Advantage Stainless Steel Upgrade Kit is designed to replace the eye/face wash head and shower system on most standard floor standing emergency combination stations produced by Guardian, Speakman, Bradley, Acorn, and Encon.

The Axion MSR advantage provides an inverted flow design that sweeps contaminants away from the nasal cavity toward the outer edge of the eye. Traditional systems can irrigate from the outside of the eye back toward the nasal cavity which can lead to further injury. The hydrodynamic shower design provides equal water distribution across the shower head, making the unit more effective and comfortable for use.

The AX14S includes the stainless steel Axion MSR eye/face wash head and showerhead, connecting hardware, tape measure, eyewash measuring gauge, and installation instructions to assist with ANSI Z358.1 standard compliance.
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