LPS Degreaser, 1 gal Cleaner Container Size, Non Aerosol Can Cleaner Container Type, Fruity Fragrance - 3528

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MPN : 3528
Weight : 7.41 lb


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LPS ZeroTri heavy-duty degreaser maximizes on-the-job time with its instant degreasing action by quickly removing dirt, grease, and oil. This concentrated nonsolvent degreaser works quickly, then rapidly evaporates leaving no residue. Safe for use on most surfacesideal for degreasing metals. NSF listed.

Item - DegreasersDegreaser
Chemicals For Use OnHard Nonporous Surfaces
Cleaner Container TypeNon Aerosol Can
Cleaner Container Size1 gal
Cleaner VOC RangeGreater Than 50% / 500g/L
Ready to Use/ConcentratedReady to Use
Recommended DilutionReady to Use
Cleaner NSF RatingC1
Cleaner FormLiquid
Primary ChemicalNone
Chemical SeriesNo Series
Cleaner ApplicationElectrical, Equipment/Machinery, Facility Maintenance, Parts Washing
Cleaner Solvent BaseNon-Solvent
VOC Content65%
Flash PointGreater Than 1.4 Degrees F
StandardsNSF C1
Net Weight1 gal