MOBI Portable Sink Hand Washing Station, Non-Heated, Indoor, Outdoor, Heavy-Duty Design - MOBI-2

MOBISKU: C3069167
Weight : 69.5 lb


Upgrade to Automatic Paper Towel & Soap Dispenser: No
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Take advantage of a portable handwashing sink you can trust. The MOBI-2 from features an extra-large 37-gallon self-contained waste-water tank. In addition to an industry-leading fresh-water to waste-water ratio, this portable sink features an all-new quick-tilt feature for smooth maneuverability, giving you the "Freedom to Wash.” The 17-gallon fresh water tank provides approximately 275 hand washings when full. The MOBI-2 is the perfect option for large outdoor events, including catering events, farmers’ markets, outdoor classroom settings, construction sites, festivals, waterparks, special events, and more. The lightweight yet heavy-duty HDPE plastic design works as a dependable solution for indoor handwashing as well. Utilize the MOBI-2 in entryways, schools, hospitals, and offices when traditional plumbing isn't an option. The 17-gallon fresh water tank provides approximately 275 hand washings when full and the large gray water tank allows 550 washings before the unit needs to be emptied.

OSHA Compliant.

  • 1,088 single dispenses per 17 gallon fresh water tank, this unit yields 275 hand washings on average
  • Industry-best lead time
  • Quick-tilt, smooth maneuverability through a built-in handle and heavy-duty non-marking wheels
  • Hygienic hands-free, foot pump operation
  • 17-gallon fresh water capacity
  • 37-gallon wastewater capacity
  • 30 oz bulk liquid soap dispenser (included)
  • Compact, mini-fold paper towel dispenser (included)
  • Purchase MOBI mini-fold paper towel refill packs here
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Quick and easy water changes
  • Heavy-duty HDPE plastic design
  • Fully assembled
  • Optional automatic paper towel dispenser upgrade available

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