Mr. Clean Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist Multi-Surface Spray, Lemon, 16 Oz, 6/Ct - PGC79129

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Weight : 8.22 lb


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  • 3x the cleaning power on kitchen grease
  • Cleaning mist activates on contact to cut through dirt right away
  • Power nozzle offers large coverage to easily clean countertops, bathtubs, stainless steel and more
  • Pull trigger for short, medium, or pump for continuous bursts
  • Easy to switch the power nozzle to refill bottles
  • Use on kitchen surfaces, backsplashes, shower tiles, glass stovetops and stainless steel.

Clean Freak Mist multi-surface spray muscles through grime, tough dirt, and grease to make messes a distant memory. Use it from any angle to put hard-to-reach dirt away for good. And to top it all off, Clean Freak Mist multi-purpose spray leaves your surfaces smelling fresh.