New Pig Pipe Diverter, 2 ft 8 in x 1 ft. 7-1/2", Drawstrings, Yellow, 33% Polyester, 67% PVC - TLS182

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MPN : TLS182
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PIG Cinchable Pipe Leak Diverter features drawstrings that cinch tightly around valves, fittings, and other oddly shaped components to capture leaks at the source. The compact size lets you target specific leaks in tight spaces. No permeable material is vinyl-coated for strength and durability; and resists punctures and mildew for long life. UV-resistant up to 12 months for long-term outdoor use without degradation. Accepts a standard 3/4" hose connection to safely channel liquid to floor drain or collection container (hose sold separately). Flow rate of 3.33 gallons per min. when used with a 1/2" ID hose.

Diverter TypePipe
Leak Diverter Length2 ft 8 in
Leak Diverter Width1 ft 7 1/2 in
Leak Diverters Installation MethodDrawstrings
Diverter ColorYellow
Diverter Material33% Polyester, 67% PVC
Leak Diverter Hose IncludedNo
ItemCinchable Pipe Leak Diverter
Material33% Polyester, 67% PVC
Net Weight1 lb