New Pig Pipe Diverter, 1 ft 6 in, Straps, Yellow, 33% Polyester, 67% PVC - TLS669-YW

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Quickly respond to pipe leaks with a PIG Pipe Leak Diverter Bucket Kit that's loaded with supplies to both divert leaks and repair the pipe. Contains essential supplies for rapid response to a pipe leak, all in a compact, 6.5 gal. pail. Nonpermeable tarp is vinyl-coated for strength and durability; resists punctures, UV light, and mildew. Straps are included for fast setup and response. Preinstalled quick connect set lets you attach hose to leak diverter in seconds without screwing or twisting. Flow rate of 3.33 gal. per min. when used with a 1/2 in. ID hose. Pail with printed "Caution" message can be used as a collection container for diverted liquid. High-visibility PIG mat pads soak up puddles to help keep floors dry and safe. Printed "Caution" message draws attention to spills. All-Purpose Wipers are great for wiping down diverter kit before storage or for cleaning up small spills. PIG Pipe Wrap and Multipurpose Repair Putty permanently patch pressurized pipes up to 2" dia.

Diverter TypePipe
Leak Diverter Length1 ft 6 in
Leak Diverter Width1 ft 6 in
Leak Diverters Installation MethodStraps
Diverter ColorYellow
Diverter Material33% Polyester, 67% PVC
Leak Diverter Hose IncludedYes
ItemPipe Leak Diverter Bucket Kit
MaterialCelluose Wipes, Nylon Straps, PVC Hose, Plastic Bucket, Polypropylene Mats
Net Weight11 lb