New Pig Absorbent Sock, Oil-Based Liquids, 15 gal, 10 ft, Cellulose - SKM601

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MPN : SKM601
Weight : 26.45 lb


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This PIG Sheen Clean Oil-Only Absorbent Sock cleans up the thin, oily residue floating on water that other absorbents leave behind. Very strong filler blends high-capacity recycled cellulose with a copolymer that pulls in thin, filmy sheens of oil. Ideal for long-term deployment to remove sheen after oil-based spills. Also absorbs oil residue in retention ponds, catch basins, tanks, and more. Polypropylene skin resists tearing; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when saturated. Attached string allows socks to be tied down, tied together, or dipped into tanks. Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids, including lubricants and fuels, without taking in a drop of water. A bright white color makes sock easier to see in outdoor environments and clearly shows saturation level. Skin is UV-resistant up to 12 months; provides long-term outdoor use without degradation. Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending. Not recommended for use with acids or bases.

Item - Spill ControlAbsorbent Sock
Spill Control - Fluids AbsorbedOil-Based Liquids
Volume Absorbed per Pkg.15 gal
Length10 ft
Diameter3 in
Filler MaterialCellulose
Outside Skin MaterialPolypropylene
UV ResistantYes
Static DissipativeNo
ConnectorPolypropylene Rope
ItemAbsorbent Sock