New Pig Spill Kit/Station, Drum, Oil-Based Liquids, 52 gal - KIT441-WH

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PIG Oil-Only Spill Kit in 95-Gal. Wheeled Overpack Salvage Drum features an overpack drum container that is UN Rated for shipping waste after oil spill cleanup. 6 in. olefin wheels make this spill kit highly mobile for speedy response anywhere in your facility. Lift-out, prepacked baskets speed access and guard contents from UV damage. Some of the spread-inhibiting and spill-absorbing essentials featured in this kit include: PIG Oil-Only Booms and PIG Stat-Mat. Absorbents meet NFPA 99 standards for static decay to allow use with fuels and flammables. Overpack is X-rated in Packing Groups I, II, and III for shipping spill cleanup waste by land, sea, or rail. Lightweight, polyethylene container resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry. A leakproof, twist-on lid is notched for easy removal or tightening with a 2 x 4 or pole. Ledges molded into container make kit easy to move by forklift. Tamperproof seals help prevent pilfering of spill response supplies. A PIG Overpack Protection Cover (sold separately) is suggested for outdoor storage.

Item - Spill ControlSpill Kit/Station
Container TypeDrum
Spill Control - Fluids AbsorbedOil-Based Liquids
Volume Absorbed per Pkg.52 gal
Container Capacity95 gal
Height45 in
Width26 in
Length26 in
Static DissipativeYes
UV ResistantYes
Number of Components91
ItemSpill Kit